As a dying world ends

I have seen tommorow’s days through fog and winds of time
Wastelands we created from our grudge and false pride
bitter end we’ll soonly see no doubt it’s deadly truth
armageddon’s harbingers are still among us

Tschernobyl once
Fukushima twice
Atomic wrath unleashed

To the wastelands
To the wastelands

Winds of tommorow envenomed and radiated
Devouring my skin
As my soul burns
In Insanity

Dying world in agony
Embraced by toxic winds
No hope just desperation
As a dying world ends

Dying world in agony...

Dying world we envenomed
Destroyed our home and heritage
No future for our children
As a dying world ends

Deserts of nothingness
Clouded by lethal winds
Mankind forsaken
In the sands of time

Mother earth deformed
A raped dead world
A cursed place where
Life nevermore can dwell

Dying world in agony...

Holy lord from heaven
Forgive us our sacrileges
There is no escape to heaven
As a dying world ends

(Mr. Schwede)

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