Mission Genocide

War, extinction, mania overwhelms
As I hear the horns of genocide, I witness our end
Burning horizons, ashes choke the earth
Depopulated landscapes, abandoned fields of graves

Fire, horror, total war unseen
Corpses towering high under ruins of bombed out nations
Wiped out masses, dystopia on earth
Progress finally ends in annihilation

Spreaded diseases
Desolate silence
A nuclear peace

Hails of bombs fracture earthís crust
Nuclear storms let boil the seas
Mankindís pride buried by ruins
Human race bombed into the Paleolithic

Fear the fire, horror, death

Spreaded diseases
Desolate silence
A nuclear peace

Mission of Genocide

No chance to complain
The future looks grey
Now start to prey
Mission of genocide

Extinction is safe
Civilization is razed
Welcome our grave
Mission of genocide

Mission of genocide

Faces turn pallid
As the core begins to crack
Magma flows over
Haunts the survivors with fire and death
Atmosphere undone
Solar rays light up the planet in flames
Billions extinguished
War-torn earth a toxic dead rock

Mission of genocide
Redemption of death

(Mr. Schwede, Warhammer, Thume)

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