We all have to die there is no escape
The burden of time bends our mortal shape
As a creature of a god
We are all supposed to rot

(But) don’t surrender to the light
Come to us embrace the night
We’ll teach you to
Explore your flesh

Death is just an altered state
We’ll show you a hidden gate
There is one way to
Change our fate

Die die die - Your blood is on our hands
Die die die – Bid farewell the mortal lands
Die die die – Join our kind in sacrifice

Swallow life, unleash the pain
Lead self the blade through flesh and veins
Rip off your mortality
Write self the book of destiny

Bloodstains on your hands
We’ve chosen death, we don’t repent
Mock our fate in heresy
Spit in the face of destiny

Bloodstains on our hands
Beyond this life we bare a sense
Lead our way to further gates
Respawned in blood in an immortal shape

(Mr. Schwede)

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