Existence denied

Existence denied

Close your eyes and memorize years of longing and false promises
Dreams had been raped, hopes defiled, captured in a leading culture’s maze
No place to rest, no air to breath, buried alive in social death
The force to scream lost for too long, no chance to escape from this pack of raiding wolves

Why not rip off this living bleeding flesh
Outsourced, disposed, stigmatized and banned from the machine
To a place where no hope dwells
Why not waste this life I never wanted to live
Wandering through injustice I have never ever seen
The only equity is death

Starring eyes
Stigma carved into flesh
No future in sight
Born to suffer
Driven to suicide
A broken life

Rotting day per day
Like a living dead
As an outcast
As vermin
As human trash

Fallen through the systems web
Woven by idiotic mammonism
Hustlers to the modern madness
Crackbrained slavedrivers fuck off and die

The curse you’ve cast has done its work
Feel free to rape my broken limbs
Soon they’ll be dead, rot in the ground
Suicide - I fuck off and die

Screams too long unheard
Self-destructive desperation
It’s breeding in my mind
Like a cancer

Why not escape from this blood-soaked asylum of lies?
As I take the dagger it feels so light in my trembling hand
The chant of steel seduces my mind
Why not finally stab the blade into my veins?
But suddenly I comprehend I arise with lucid sight
My existence was denied

Why should I surrender to this malicious pack of thieves?
I will never ever comply
Even though my existence was denied

(Mr. Schwede)

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